• Jesse Bauer

iRig HD 2 Demo | Is it worth it?

Today we get to review the IK Multimedia iRig HD 2! It's a digital interface for guitars, (works on bass too) and we get to see what the difference is between it and the iRig 2.

I go through a quick rundown of the features and how to use it with an audio demo of a new song I've been working on in GarageBand.

Please have a watch and I hope this helps you decide if it's worth a buy down the road.

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Stay Safe out there!




If you know of anyone who plays an instrument and/or writes songs, tell them to contact me by email and I'll record their song for free.

Yup, FOR FREE. Limited to one song per artist/band (with booking of at least 2 songs - for new clients only). Sound pretty good? It helps us both. :)

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